09/07/2021 | Private Show | Hannersberg - Hannersdorf

15/08/2020 | Private Show | Rust am Neusiedler See

08/02/2020 | Private Show | Aiola Upstairs - Graz

30/11/2019 | Electric Dance Circle - Wolfsberg | Stadtmacher Zentrale - Wolfsberg

27/07/2019 | Ponyhof Sommerfest | Reiterhof Stückler - St. Margarethen

24/05/2019 | HouSeLektion | Cik Künstlerhaus - Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

20/04/2019 | OsterHAZN | Reiterhof Stückler - St. Margarethen

31/12/2018 | Elvis meets Evarpare | Cafe Rondeau - Bad Bleiberg

22/12/2018 | X-MAS Ponyhof supporting Anna Ullrich | Reiterhof Stückler - St. Margarethen

18/08/2018 | Private Show | Schloss Krumbach - Krumbach

30/06/2018 | Mallorca Party | Cafe Rondeau - Bad Bleiberg









Music artist EVARPARE is a DJ, producer, guitarist and songwriter from the southside of the Alpine Republic of Austria. During his performances he takes the audience on an extraordinary music journey. With a melodic mix across house, dance, trance and techno music, he takes the listener out of their everyday life to a good vibes experience.

In Christian's life, music played a key role from an early age on. Even as a child, artists such as Eric Prydz, ATB and Chicane were some of his favorite artists. So, the first beats were produced at the age of 12 years on his own PC. Especially his parents, who found each other during their work life in Switzerland and are great fans of country, rock and blues music, had a great influence on his musical development. Furthermore, the rise of crossover music in the mid-1990s took an important place in Christian's music perception. So came what had to come: After basic musical education in the school and on the flute, followed by several years of guitar and vocal education, the founding of a rock band took place. Over a period of several years, the six-member group performed in various Austrian cities and gained positive feedback and experience until the project was ended due to lack of time by several band members. After some guest appearances as guitarist (Seaside Festival, B72 Vienna,…) he took an artistic break. But it wasn't long before the passion for electronic dance music moved into the life focus once more.

Since 2018 Christian works again as an artist and he is already repeatedly booked at established events. He is described by DJ colleagues and promoters as a rising EDM artist who wants to bring new sound into the scene - which honors him greatly. In April 2019 he launched his own Podcast/Radio Show under the name "SALTWATER" which regularly appears on various streaming and video platforms. The episodes repeatedly secured a place in the Top 10 Deep House and Electronica Charts on Mixcloud.His 2020 FM4 Radio premiere with the saltwater show solidify his reputation as a melodic and cinematic soundscape artist.

His intention: To take even more people on an emotional journey with his extraordinary mix of electronic beats.


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